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This is a older (and at some moments, a little strange) but a great video series for beginning French speakers.  The descriptions of the videos are found here.  Another teacher has posted questions to go with these videos.

  1. Téléfrancais! – Episode 1 Jacques and Sophie meet the extraordinary Ananas — a talking pineapple! The musical group, The Squelettes introduce themselves in a song, and Pilote offers to take everyone for a parachute jump — but Ananas is the only volunteer.
  2. Téléfrancais! – Episode 2 Up in Pilote’s plane, Sophie, Jacques, and Ananas fly over the province of Quebec. Jacques and Sophie land safely from their parachute jump, but Ananas is threatened by a large crow. Pilote calls on the Snowbirds to help, and Ananas makes an unexpected landing.
  3. Téléfrancais! – Episode 3 Jacques and Sophie go camping in the forest, but leave Ananas behind because it is too dangerous.  Frightened by skeletons, they become lost and Ananas and Pilote must set out to find them.
  4. Téléfrancais! – Episode 4 Sophie and Jacques are lost in the forest, so Annonceur checks at a lost-and-found desk. Ananas finds them, and sings them an encouraging song about bravery. At last, Pilote comes to their rescue.
  5. Téléfrancais! – Episode 5 Annonceur gives Jacques and Sophie a big test, and they have to explain the rules to Ananas. The test turns out to be an unfair one, so Sophie and Jacques refuse to continue. The Squelettes sing “Je déteste les tests!”