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A nonverbal Indigenous game

Slahal (or Lahal) is a game of the Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

The game is played by two opposing teams. There are two pairs of “bones”, one pair with a stripe and one without. The game also uses a set of scoring sticks (usually ten) and in some areas a “kick” or “king” stick—an extra stick won by the team who gets to start the game.

The game is usually accompanied by drumming and singing used to boost the morale of the team. The side that has the bones sings, while the other tries to guess. The musical accompaniment is also sometimes used to taunt the other team. Players and spectators may place bets on teams, or individual matches within the game between one guess and the other team’s bone hiders.

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Rules for Sla-hal from School District 73 (Kamloops/Thompson, British Columbia)

Slahal in the Chiliwack Times newspaper

Grade 5, 6 and 7 Core French curriculum:

  • Interpret non-verbal cues to increase understanding
  • Use strategies to increase understanding